Updated Android Quick Pairing Experience for More Bluetooth Devices

Android Quick Pair Update Available

Fast Pair has been around for a few years. Android developers introduced it to make Bluetooth pairing easier. It has been improved several times, such as finally allowing Bluetooth headset pairing between smartphones. We also remember the Find My Accessories, True Wireless, Connected device and Find My Device function. The Fast Pair user interface has also been improved to be more prominent. This time, a new Fast Pair experience is ready. The update includes a more user-friendly design for faster and more convenient pairing.

Android bring The updated Fast Pair for most Android phones. This change allows you to connect to more Bluetooth devices from major partners such as Sony and JBL Audio. There are probably more than a hundred Bluetooth-enabled devices now on the list, from speakers to headphones, that can take advantage of quick pairing.

It only takes one touch to connect to a new Bluetooth device. That’s the promise of the Android team. Bluetooth pairing is easy enough, but it gets faster and more convenient with the official quick pairing feature.

Android Quick Pair Update April 2021

Android developers want you to enjoy fast Bluetooth connectivity at all times. If you think last year’s update already made the experience faster, the matchmaking experience is even faster and smoother after the latest update.

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