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Twitter tests notification for suspended / blocked accounts

Twitter tests notification for suspended / blocked accounts

Twitter Tests Notification For Suspended / Blocked Accounts - Light Home News

Have you ever had the experience of opening your Twitter account and trying to tweet something or reply to one of the accounts you follow only to find that you can’t because you’ve apparently been suspended? Well now Twitter will make it easy for you to know when your account has been suspended or blocked. They are testing a notification that will inform you of that when you open the app. The notification will also have instructions on what you can do next and will suggest that you review the Twitter Rules as well.

Twitter said that ‘it is important to know where your account is located’, so now they are testing this notification that will appear as soon as you log into your account. Those who have their accounts suspended or blocked will see a banner notification that will clarify that it will be in read-only mode so that you cannot tweet, retweet or like the content of the platform. It won’t tell you specifically what he did, but rather that his account “broke the Twitter rules.”

Based on the screenshot, it looks like you’ll be able to click Twitter Rules, so it’s also a way to encourage users to read the rules on the platform and reflect on what they may have done. For accounts that are permanently suspended, there is a part of the banner where you can appeal Twitter’s decision if you think we were “wrong.” There is a link where you can submit your appeal as otherwise it will be permanently in read-only mode.

For those whose accounts are locked out, the notification says that most accounts regain full access within a week of the temporary suspension, but it may also take longer. There is no link to an appeal if you think your account has been unfairly blocked so you will probably have to wait. You can try to contact Twitter Support for this if you want your account to be restored immediately and you can show that you did not violate the Twitter Rules.

This is still being tested, but we don’t know how wide the release is. The only way to know if you are included in the trial is if you suspend or lock your account, which, of course, you would not like to see happen, right?