Twitter Spaces now available to those with 600+ followers

Twitter has been slowly rolling out its live audio chat feature called Spaces and now more people will be able to experience this. They are expanding the ability to host a space to accounts that have 600 followers or more so that they can have good conversations between their current and possibly new followers. Twitter also announced some of the upcoming features, including ticketed slots, scheduled slots, co-hosting, improved accessibility, and even more ways to engage in ongoing conversations.

Since they are finally expanding spaces To more accounts now, Twitter explained what are the various things you can do to join a space as a listener, speaker, and how to start a space. When someone you follow starts a slot, you will see them at the top of your timeline in a purple bubble and you can join them from there. As a listener, you will be able to react with emojis, view pinned tweets, follow captions, send a tweet or direct message to the speaker, and even request to be a speaker.

If you join the Space as a speaker, you can also pin tweets, turn on subtitles and also tweet the Space to your followers. Now that more people will be able to create a space, Twitter also wants to give creators even more controls. You can control who can speak, what topic, and what kind of vibe the whole conversation will deal with. Hosts also have the ability to mute the speakers, remove the “mic” from them, or eject them from the space. They can also mute all the speakers at the same time.

Twitter shared some of its plans for new features in the future. Ticketed spaces will allow hosts to monetize by charging tickets for people to join a specific space. Hosts will soon also be able to schedule and set reminders for their followers for upcoming spaces. Other future features include adding other people as co-hosts, live captions will be paused, personalized and more accurate, and more ways to find spaces like in someone’s profile photo.

With Clubhouse coming to Android soon, Twitter will need to strengthen its user base for Spaces. Other apps like Facebook and Telegram are also planting their digital feet in this space, so we’ll see which live audio chat app will take a big chunk of the market.

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