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Twitter shares features they’re considering

Twitter shares features they're considering

Twitter Shares Features They'Re Considering - Light Home News

Twitter generally shares some of the features and design updates they are thinking of bringing to the platform before they even start working on it. It’s probably his way of seeing how people would react or engage with him probably before moving on to the actual developmental stage. They are now sharing some things that they might consider bringing users to help them have more control over who sees their tweets and how people respond to them as well.

Tech Crunch shared what these new features could be. The first idea they are pondering is a Trusted Friends feature that allows you to choose a small group of people to make a certain tweet visible. You can probably add real life friends or a smaller network of people that you would like to share more personal tweets with. This can drive Twitter usage as you have the option to have both public and private conversations, but it can also affect Twitter engagement metrics.

The second feature they might be working on is called Language Responses. This is a nudge for those who reply to your tweets if they are using words or phrases that you don’t want to see, for example profane language. It doesn’t necessarily stop them from using them when responding, but it can serve as a reminder to be more considerate. Twitter says nudges like this have an impact, like the suggestion to read articles first before tweeting. Of course, this will have no effect on the actual trolls, but at least the reminder is there.

The last feature they are considering is something called Facets. Basically, under your account, you can have different characters like “Nancy at work”, “Mommy Nancy”, “The world of Nancy’s romance books” or any interest or life that you want to compartmentalize. In this way, your followers can choose what kind of tweets they will follow on a certain account. They can choose to follow personal tweets and ignore work-related ones if they are not interested. It’s an interesting way to compartmentalize your tweets, but it can also be more complicated.

Twitter clarifies that these proposed features are not being built yet, but are in the mock-design stage. They are trying to get user feedback as early as now so they can decide whether to follow them or not. So speak up now or be silent forever if they do eventually implement it.