Twitter now allows you to send voice DMS, available in Brazil, India, Japan

Twitter is testing its voice and audio capabilities as it now allows users in select markets to send direct voice messages to their contacts. This follows the feature that allows you to send Voice Tweets which they have also been testing since last year. This time around, voice direct messages are being tested in Brazil, India and Japan, some of their biggest markets. This may also be part of Twitter’s eventual plan to widely deploy its Clubhouse clone / competitor spaces.

Each direct voice message can be up to 140 seconds long, similar to voice tweets. Sending one is pretty straightforward. Just open an existing conversation you have or start a new one in the usual way. You can then tap the voice recording icon to start your message and then tap it again to end it. You also have the option of listening to the message first before sending it to the recipient to be sure. IOS users can also press and hold to start recording, then swipe up and release to send. Hopefully this feature will come to Android devices too.

If you received a direct voice message, you can listen to it on your mobile device and also in the web browser. However, creating and shipping one is limited to smartphones and tablets for now. That will likely change over time once the implementation is more widespread, as there are also many people who use Twitter on their computers. A feature like this should come in handy, although it seems like it’s designed for mobile devices first.

Twitter appears to be investing heavily in the voice and audio space as they find more ways for people to engage on the platform. Twitter Spaces is currently in limited beta, but wants to challenge the new Clubhouse platform in terms of audio chat and messaging. The latter has been making waves with its invitation-only launch for the audio chat market, prompting companies like Twitter and Facebook to create their own versions.

Regarding direct voice messages, it is currently only available in Brazil, India and Japan. India, in particular, is a “priority market” for Twitter, according to Manish Maheshwari, CEO of Twitter India. This feature will be implemented in phases based on your Twitter account.

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