Twitter launches new limit reply feature

Microblogging site Twitter has launched a new feature globally. With the help of this feature, users will be able to avoid problems like online bullying. Now only other users decided by the user will be able to reply to his tweet. Twitter has launched this feature for both iOS and Android users.

How to use this feature?
The company has launched this feature to control conversions. Therefore, only other users who have been selected by the user can reply to his tweet. Learn how to use this feature …

  1. Log in to your web browser, Android, or your iOS device and click Compose Tweet.
  2. Then it will show 3 options in who can reply.
  3. Choose one of the three options, Everyone, People you follow and Only people you mention.
  4. Globally any user can reply to your tweet on Everyone’s choice.
  5. By tapping People you follow, only the users you follow on Twitter will be able to reply to your tweet.
  6. Only users mentioned in your tweet in Only people you mention will be able to reply.
  7. However, this feature is only for the choice of who can reply. If you do not have a private account, all users will be able to view and retweet your tweets. You cannot change the reply setting after you tweet.
  • You can also set who you can reply to for privacy. The setting can be done on the editing screen by clicking on Compose and then on Replying to …
  • Click on the checkmark icon to remove users from this list. Now uncheck it.
  • You can see in the recipient list if you have blocked some users. You can check/uncheck action on the editing screen.
  • This is how a conversion participant can be viewed on a tweet
  • You can see all the conversion participants in your tweet by going to your timeline, profile page, notification or tweet details. To see all other usernames, bios, and usernames …
  • Click the Replying to … tab.
  • You can then see how many other users are involved in this conversation. You can also follow / unfollow the users in this list.
  • You can see from the reply counts how many users have replied to your tweet and also the exact number.

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