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Tricks and keys to write texts at high speed on the computer | Your Technology | The country

Tricks and keys to write texts at high speed on the computer |  Your Technology |  The country
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Who else, who less, has to deal with the writing of a text on a daily basis. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy document or essay; Sometimes, certain emails require a certain length and here technology can offer decisive help. In fact, once you have mastered some of the tools that we are going to propose below, the way in which texts are generated can change in a Copernican way: you can prioritize speed and then let the assistants correct the errors. That is: write at full speed without worrying about typographical errors and automate their correction in a supervised manner.

How can you type at high speed on the computer? We are going to suggest below some tools and tips to boost typing speed:

Automated writing assistants

The irruption of computers meant a true paradigm shift in the world of writing in all its areas: gone was that stage in which mistakes could not be made with the typewriter, which forced the journalist or writer to be very scrupulous in the process. Computers allowed something that was almost magical: being able to delete a word, correct a misspelling or re-edit a text. But the technology does not rest and it is now the software that takes over the innovation in the writing of texts: the assistants do the dirty work of checking a draft text and suggesting changes. And no, we are not only referring to the classic text corrector that underlines spelling mistakes in red, but to sophisticated systems that, in addition to checking possible errors, take into account the punctuation, if the paragraph is excessively long, or if They repeat some words excessively.

One of the most popular is LanguageTool, an open source project that, either through the browser or through applications, performs an exhaustive analysis of the text content and recommends changes. As we have pointed out before, this type of tool goes far beyond spelling errors and also takes into account the repetition of expressions, excessively long phrases or proposes synonyms for more vulgar words. So much microsoft What Google they have similar tools in the form of extensions for their respective browsers —Edge and Chrome— with which they exploit the full power of algorithms in the service of higher quality writing. In this sense, Google has just announced a significant improvement in its writing assistant for Google Docs, in which, in addition to offering more dynamic text suggestions, it warns of the existence of non-inclusive language by suggesting alternatives.

Dictate a text

The other way to write texts really fast is to use your voice and that is that all platforms apply their artificial intelligence-based systems to listen, interpret and write what is heard through the microphone. Now, the systems are really smart and with amazing results. The only thing the user has to do is adapt the writing rhythms, since, with the use of the voice, the mental pauses that you have when writing and that give you the opportunity to think about what you are going to write disappear. To start dictation in Windows, just press the Windows logo key together with H and start speaking and the system will compose your text. On Macs, you need to first enable this feature in System Preferences/Keyboard/Dictation; Once this is done, a small microphone will appear on the screen that can be activated just before the dictation. It should be remembered that these systems recognize natural language and expressions such as “comma”, “dot” or “new line” can be indicated, which will be understood as commands.

Apps that expand text

Another way to focus on typing speed is to automate the writing of frequently repeated texts. They do not need to be related to any type of content, but expressions that are commonly used such as “please”, “receive a cordial greeting”, or even the ID number. The time savings can be considerable if the user avoids having to type all the text and this is possible thanks to the applications that expand it. The principle is simple: replace the most frequently repeated words with a series of abbreviations (for example, instead of “please”, type “pf”) and do so by creating custom libraries of your own commands. There are several applications and browser extensions that can be used for this purpose, and once you get used to them, the accumulated savings in time is significant.

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