Home Technology News TikTok now allows you to submit resumes, trying “Shoutouts”

TikTok now allows you to submit resumes, trying “Shoutouts”

TikTok now allows you to submit resumes, trying

Tiktok Now Allows You To Submit Resumes, Trying &Quot;Shoutouts&Quot; - Light Home News

TikTok has been making moves to be more than just an immensely popular social app with viral videos. They are now implementing a pilot program called TikTok Resumes that helps users get jobs with participating companies by adding a TikTok video to their app. While LinkedIn shouldn’t shake just yet, this is quite an interesting move for the company as they want to be a “channel for recruitment and job discovery.” They are also testing something called “Shoutouts” that will allow users to pay for a video from their favorite TikTok creators.

You probably don’t associate TikTok with job seekers. But the platform wants to expand its channel and while it doesn’t sound like the natural way to go, there is no shortage of jobs and job seekers, so why not? In launching the pilot program, they have partnered with companies like Chipotle, Target, WWE, Alo Yoga, Shopify, etc. – a mix of companies to be sure. You can use the hashtag #TikTokResumes or go to the independent site, www.tiktokresumes.com to see what’s available.

The TikTok resume The site lets you search for job openings, professional or job-related content from TikTok creators, TikTok video resume examples, and a form to apply for the job you want. And of course you can submit a TikTok video as part of your job application. For now, the program will only accept applications for vacant positions in the US from July 7 through July 31. Hopefully TikTok will post numbers on this pilot program to see if there is a market for this on the platform.

Meanwhile, they are testing another feature similar to Cameo. Shoutouts allows users to request a custom video from their favorite creators. You tap “Request” on the creator page and when you request a video, you will have to pay in advance. The creator has three days to accept and will then receive the video via direct message after one week. You can request things like a birthday greeting, a pep talk, or a special message for a friend.

Tiktok Now Allows You To Submit Resumes, Trying &Quot;Shoutouts&Quot; - Light Home News

According to Buzzfeed, this feature seems to be available in Turkey and Dubai for now as it is still in the testing stage. You pay creators via in-app currency just like you use to tip them during live videos. Creators can set their own rate for the custom video that they will request. Let’s see if this recovers and we actually get a beta test and then a stable implementation of the function.