This is the ‘smartphone’ that defies the laws of design | Technology

 This is the 'smartphone' that defies the laws of design |  Technology

Human beings like symmetrical designs. The Egyptian pyramids, the Taj Mahal or the Roman Pantheon are excellent examples of how, since ancient times, that which shows the perfect balance captivates and serene us in equal parts. HONOR, a global provider of smart devices and a world leader, has always attached importance to those visual perceptions, to the power of harmonies. And the first impression is not enough: your smartphone Absolutely state-of-the-art, Magic4 Pro is perfect on the inside (it’s equipped with the latest technology, as the manufacturer is used to) and magnetically symmetrical on the outside.

With its new device, HONOR shows how it is possible to challenge (and very well) the demanding industry standards. The Magic4 Pro has a design characterized by a large circular triple camera, baptized as Eye of Muse (“the eye of the muse”), placed in the center, on the back. Harmony to the maximum expression and change of trend with respect to what the market has accustomed us to. Why settle for the everyday when what is different is simply exceptional?

Triple camera: the never seen

The HONOR Magic4 Pro’s camera is pure science fiction. It combines a 50 megapixel (MP) panoramic camera with a 1/1.56-inch color sensor, another 50 MP and 122º panoramic camera and a third with a 64 MP telephoto lens. This set of lenses allows you to capture high definition photos with absolutely amazing clarity. And yes, these same standards hold when shooting from afar. Nothing escapes improvisation in HONOR.

The HONOR Magic4 Pro combines a 50 megapixel (MP) panoramic camera, a 50 MP 122º panoramic camera and a third 64 MP telephoto camera.

The videos are not far behind either: the image quality is above average. Recordings can be made from both the rear and front cameras. Using the Magic-Log format, users can edit their videos with superior color tones. Let the creators of Hollywood series tremble.

high end screen

The screen of the new smartphone of HONOR is among the largest in the market. It is 6.81 inches and features ultra-slim, curved bezels. They are almost imperceptible, measuring only 0.94 mm, while the screen-to-body ratio is 93.5%. The HONOR Magic4 Pro also has a quadruple curve, which means that the top and bottom edges are rounded. This last peculiarity can hardly be seen with the naked eye, but it serves to make the grip with one hand more comfortable and optimizes the visual sensations.

HONOR is the first manufacturer in the world to equip a phone with an AMOLED LTPO screen, an absolutely cutting-edge technology that achieves the most fluid and immersive display of multimedia content. It also causes less eye strain: there are no excuses to stay connected for several hours. The innovative screen does not require a backlight, which reduces the battery consumption of the terminal. They are all advantages.

The screen of the new ‘smartphone’ of HONOR stands out in the market: it is the first manufacturer to integrate an AMOLED LTPO. In addition, it is 6.81 inches and displays 1.07 billion colors

Photos, videos, games and reading will be fully enjoyed on the HONOR Magic4 Pro. The screen displays 1.07 billion colors, which is truly insane: the human eye can distinguish just a million colors To make hues sharper and more vivid, the display supports 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, a color standard that makes images more realistic as they were shot or rendered by the developer. of the game.

The easiest life

More innovations. The smartphone Magic4 Pro incorporates the latest version of HONOR Magic UI 6.0, which allows users to customize and resize the widgets on your screen and easily access all information without opening applications. an authentic experience smartlife.

Magic UI 6.0 acts as a personal assistant on the phone. It intelligently learns the habits, preferences and weaknesses of the user in order to offer him suggestions and updates of all those applications that adjust to his tastes. The tuning is such that the device discovers needs whose existence was unknown until that moment. A virtual butler in every way.

Privacy in conversations

Depending on where and with whom we are, receiving a call and answering it can be really uncomfortable. Having a conversation in an elevator can be anything but private: most likely, the people with whom we share a journey can hear our interlocutor in great detail.

Thanks to technology, the latest model of the brand has an innovative solution that ensures the confidentiality of calls.
Thanks to technology, the latest model of the brand has an innovative solution that ensures the confidentiality of calls.

HONOR has also thought about those annoying moments. The Magic4 Pro model comes equipped with an innovative solution that ensures the confidentiality of calls. Supported by Artificial Intelligence (the manufacturer does not skimp on the most advanced), it applies a technology that divides the sound frequencies from the emitter module of the screen and the receiver. Both work together by adjusting the volume of incoming audio and adapting to different environments.

Quality above all

At HONOR they attach great importance to quality. Its devices meet the highest levels of demand imposed by the manufacturer, materialized in more than 400 tests and 20 certifications previously carried out before being put up for sale. Its goal is to provide the user with an unbeatable and lasting experience.

HONOR Magic4 Pro is available in four shades: an elegant White, an elegant Black, an eye-catching Cyan Green and a sophisticated Gold tone. It can be purchased on the HONOR website.

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