Third-party applications compatible with Android Auto will arrive on the Play Store

Google opened its floodgates for third-party Android Auto apps on the Play Store in the form of a beta testing program. Most of these third-party applications were messaging or multimedia applications. Perhaps due to Google’s concern for the safe driving experience, Android Auto didn’t see many third-party apps beyond this. Google kicked off the process by launching the Android for Cars app library for Jetpack to give users a taste of what’s to come for the platform.

This will bring a stream of Android Auto compatible car apps to the Store – the EV navigation, parking or charging apps in particular, as developers can now implement them with the necessary guidelines set by Google.

We can expect to see apps like Chargepoint, PlugShare, T Map or Route Planner soon on the platform. This is good news for people who spend a lot of time in their RVs or trailer trucks.

It will bring the convenience of Android Auto-compatible applications to the vehicle’s big infotainment screen. A set of refined apps that will work seamlessly to provide a great driving experience, especially for electric vehicle owners.

As for the developers, the requirements for the applications are the latest version of which should be tested with the main desktop unit and also with the test library. Thereafter, developers can publish the apps on the production track in the Play Console.

Third-party apps will bring a refreshing change to the monotony of the same format for multimedia apps, and the fact that only Google Maps and Waze were the native apps available on Android Auto. According to him Android Developer Blog Post, “Our goal with the library is to allow you to easily bring your app to over 500 Android Auto compatible vehicle models while meeting our app quality guidelines.”

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