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The ultimate tool to protect yourself against cyber threats | Technology

The ultimate tool to protect yourself against cyber threats |  Technology

Although the worst of the pandemic has been behind us for months, covid-19 has had a full impact on work models. In the last two years, many companies have adopted, and still maintain today, hybrid systems in which teleworking coexists with presence in the offices. The advantages are numerous: it increases the productivity of employees, who save time traveling, and it allows work and family reconciliation.

Today more than ever, it is common to work from home with company computing devices –computers, laptops, mobile phones, servers and even printers–, but there is a problem that, far from disappearing, remains: cyber attacks. Criminals have taken advantage of the vulnerabilities of remote computers and have multiplied their attacks, as the statistics show. During the first months of covid, the global volume of cyberattacks soared almost 240% and today, those responsible for IT departments dedicate more time and resources to securing devices, the security of which has become as important as that of the own network.

Always alert

Due to ignorance and, on too many occasions, due to involuntary errors, many people commit bad practices that can lead to serious security problems: clicking on links of unknown origin, downloading files without confirming their origin, not installing tools anti-malware and allowing friends or family access to your work computer are risky behaviors that should be avoided at all costs. Because in nine out of ten cyberattacks the victim intervenes unwittingly, who usually lowers his guard at home. A minimum carelessness is enough for criminals to take advantage of the occasion and commit their misdeed. The problem is that, despite the warnings and the risks, there are still too many companies that have not taken the matter seriously, and are even more vulnerable to these cyber threats.

HP Wolf Security is an integrated security suite that protects computers and printers by design. It offers proposals for both home and business and is based on the principles of Zero Trust (zero trust)

The truth is that it is increasingly difficult to protect yourself from attacks, among other reasons because many workers access their work tools through insecure connections. Therein lies one of the great challenges for companies: to ensure that all their devices -including printers, which are highly vulnerable to malware– have an optimal level of security, which implies a powerful and effective combination of hardware, software and different services.

One of the most effective proposals is HP Wolf Security, a suite of built-in security that protects computers and printers by design. Developed by the manufacturer HP, this solution is based on the principles of Zero Trust: it protects from the level of hardware and stretches across the software and contracted services. Its comprehensive protection reduces the attack surface, allowing remote recovery from attacks. firmwareimproves threat data collection and delivers highly reliable alerts.

A shield at home and in the company

HP Wolf Security offers different proposals both for home as for companies. In the first case, it includes a set of security features built into certain home PCs and printers. Among other things, avoiding the main malware attacks that are detected and quarantined without the user intervening, also having an engine anti phishing capable of scanning and warning about websites that may be recording or capturing credentials, login details and passwords.

The global volume of cyberattacks soared almost 240% during the first months of covid. Today, IT department managers spend more time and resources securing devices.Getty Images/iStock

For their part, companies that already have security solutions built into their equipment, but need an additional layer, can turn to HP Wolf Enterprise Security. It stands out for its versatility, it allows to eliminate Zero Day attacks and saves time for those responsible for information and technology (IT) departments.

In addition, HP has developed HP Wolf Pro. Aimed at small and medium-sized businesses with overburdened or under-resourced IT equipment, this solution provides a powerful software and optional services to counter aggressive cyberattacks. The tool opens files, applications, and web pages inside micro virtual machines, so that even if a file contains malware, it is isolated and the devices and users remain safe. Thanks to the latest generation AI, it offers a level of protection against attacks never seen before, something unimaginable in a traditional antivirus.

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