The secondary screen of Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is actually the Mi Band 5 screen

Launched just a few days ago, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra has a never-before-seen secondary display alongside the camera module (currently the highest rated for smartphones) that can be used to display a variety of information. The 1.1-inch AMOLED screen can display selfies or personalized information like weather, control music, act as a viewfinder, and do more. Days after the launch, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun revealed in a live broadcast, important information about this secondary screen.

According to Lei, this AMOLED display on Xiaomi’s flagship It is the same as that used in the Xiaomi Mi Band 5. As previously speculated, it means that the screen was not specially designed for the Mi 11 Ultra, a smart move from Xiaomi.

Now another question arises: was it the secondary screen of the phone salvaged from the unsold Mi Band 5 units or was it obtained by Xiaomi directly from the manufacturer. Anyway, Xiaomi nailed it and providing this niche feature wouldn’t have cost them much either. However, the uniqueness it brings is fascinating.

The Mi 11 Ultra powered by the Snapdragon 888 processor is one of the smartest camera phones you can buy, and it packs a punch with other hardware specs too. It has a 48MP Sony IMX586 ultra-wide camera and 48MP Sony IMX586 shooter with periscope lens (also used for macro photography).

While we now all know that the secret of the secondary screen lies in the fitness band launched last year, there is nothing to take away from the masterstroke that Xiaomi has played. They have the hardware to back it up, and only time will tell if they can beat Samsung and OnePlus in user experience to be the undisputed champion of 2021.

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