The Routine + Good Lock module allows you to configure more Bixby routines

Good Lock modules are quite useful for Samsung users who want to do more with their device than the basic functions that come out of the box. There are various modules available to make your device more personalized and more powerful. A new module called Routine + allows you to create more advanced Bixby routines and also adds more conditions, actions, and sharing options for these more powerful settings. While most Android owners probably use the Google Assistant routines, Bixby also has some pretty good routines available to Samsung users.

Basically, the function of the Routine + module is to be able to add advanced functions to your usual Bixby routines to make your life a little easier. It also allows you to have some additional conditions to set up your routine such as fingerprint unlock, S button aerial action, and some button action as well. There are some additional actions, such as reading text aloud, the arrow key, and the touch macro. You can also share these routines via QR code, export and import.

Of course, there are many routines that you will be able to do, but some of those recommended by XDA Developers include opening a certain website when you unlock your phone with your fingerprint. You can also set up a routine that will give you a voice alert when your battery is low. Or if you get a message with certain keywords, you can make your phone show some animations.

There are many Good Lock modules available that allow you to personalize your Samsung smartphone experience. Good Lock 2021 launched earlier this year for devices already in One UI 3 and brings new things like Theme Park, Wonderland and NavStar modules. Routine + is probably one of the most powerful modules available, especially if you depend on Bixby for certain routines that you want to configure.

In order to use Routine +, your smartphone must be running Android 11 and One UI 3.1 or later. When it comes to language support, it only supports English and Korean.

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