The redesigned Google Play Store ‘My apps’ now only shows two sections

Google Play Store redesign 2021

In case you haven’t noticed yet, Google has redesigned the Play Store. We have been sharing a number of changes such as the pause of automatic renewals and free trials for Google Play Store India. There’s also that set of new guidelines for better app discovery and quality. In early April, the search giant rolled out redesigned navigation and settings and we can expect similar improvements to be announced. We may have missed a few, so feel free to share if you notice anything new.

There is no formal announcement, but our fountain he spotted a few more changes. The “My Apps” section is said to have changed. It is not that accessible now, so it is a challenge to access the list of recently installed and updated applications.

In Google Play Store, under “My apps and games”, we used to see recently updated apps and pending updates on the first tab. It is apparently gone and seems to have been replaced by “Manage apps and device”. The result is that some tabs also disappear, so you will not easily see the Updates, installed, library, share, Y Beta. What you will now see are two sections: General description Y Manage.

The new sections do not include all the information one needs to see. The overview doesn’t even show quick updates, just some entries and statistics of your used storage, Play Protect, reviews, ratings, and app sharing options. The latter feature is believed to be useful for some users, especially in markets that only have limited access to the fast internet.

Google already tried this similar change (redesign) last year, but it actually disappeared. This time around, Google may want to see how the public will react. We expect a series of complaints and not so positive reactions because people will not easily see the necessary updates. Let’s wait and see.

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