The new Google Photos video editor is now available to all users

It took them a month to do a full implementation, but now all Google Photo users should be able to enjoy the powerful new video editor that was promised. The previous video editing for the service left a lot to be desired, even as Google continued to improve the photo editing ones. Finally, we are getting more, even as we prepare for a world without unlimited storage of your photos and videos. So we better enjoy the new video editor while we can still upload as many videos as we want to Google Photos.

In February, Google first shared about a new video editor and then in March, they started rolling it out, but only for a few users. Android Police now share that everyone who uses Google Photos will be able to see and use the new features for any video they want to edit. Previously, all you could do was stabilize, rotate and crop your videos. Now you can do much more, even if the ability to combine clips and create a new movie is still lacking.

The new video editor has more options for cropping, exporting individual frames, horizon correction, and audio deletion. There are also color correction options similar to photo editors such as brightness, contrast, white point, warmth, tint, skin color, vignette, etc. The filters from the photo editing tools are there too. You can also bookmark videos if that’s what you want to do. So obviously this time you can do a lot more things with your uploaded videos.

The bad news is that nothing has changed when it comes to unlimited storage. By June 1, 2021, new photos and videos that you upload in high quality will be deducted from your Google storage. This is your not-so-sneaky way of getting people to subscribe to Google One storage. Another monetization plan is to hide some advanced editing tools behind a paywall, though it’s only limited to Pixel devices for now.

Meanwhile, you still have about 2 months to enjoy uploading videos and then editing them in the new video tools. The update should be available for your device, but if not, you can also force it through an APK Mirror.

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