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The impact of technology in the hotel industry: from digital ordering to payment with QR code | for those who do

The hotel industry is one of the most important levers of the Spanish economy. According to data from the Spanish Hospitality Observatory, in 2021 up to 1.5 million people worked in this sector. Before the outbreak of covid-19, 6.4% of Spanish GDP came from this activity. After overcoming the worst of the pandemic, those responsible for bars and restaurants have been recovering normality step by step and business figures are already approaching the stage before the coronavirus.

According to the latest data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) referring to April, the hotel industry increased its sales by 105.2% compared to the same month of 2021. Hence the importance of developing tools that help hoteliers -indispensable actors in the recovery of the economy in this post-pandemic era – to adapt to this new context in which technology has become an essential ally.

Since last January, Square has offered in Spain a comprehensive package of tools for software Y hardware customizable to the needs of each business (bars, restaurants, breweries, ghost kitchens), which is designed to help in the management and growth of the company. Specifically, it consists of a point of sale (POS) terminal system designed to facilitate the experience of owners, staff and customers.

This program developed specifically for the hospitality industry allows, from a single application, to process orders, accept payments and streamline operations while still offering the best service to users. Because today it is no longer necessary to hire different providers to control orders, direct templates, create a letter on-line and receive information in real time on how the business is evolving. All these tasks can be completed simultaneously and at the click of a button from the same device.

Square’s POS system seeks, above all, to save time and resources. To achieve this, it includes a series of functionalities aimed at streamlining the service and better managing the business. An example is the use of technology. contactless, great ally of bars and restaurants during the pandemic. Not only has it made it possible to guarantee customer safety in the last two years, but it has also streamlined processes, offered a more personalized experience and even lowered costs.

QR codes, hygiene and agility

In this sense, QR code solutions are perfect for any bar or restaurant. When scanned with a smartphone, automatically lead to a web page or an application. Thus, customers can consult the menu, choose the dishes and pay without depending on the staff.

Through services like Square Online it is possible to create digital cards, which combat the transmission of germs and reduce printing costs, and are linked to a personalized QR code. These menus can include a lot of information about the dishes (from photographs to descriptions of the ingredients, accompaniments, recommendations…), they can be modified instantly and they do not have to be reprinted with each change. This affects the sustainability of the business, something that customers value (and demand) more and more.

The system has an impact on employee productivity, since it allows menus to be updated in real time, repeat orders or consult and manage orders.

This system does not require the use of a card either. The user enters their payment details on the smartphone after placing the order and, thanks to the POS system, it is automatically processed and recorded. The last step involves the kitchen: once the payment has been accepted, the POS sends the order information to the staff working in the kitchen. In addition, specialized POS hardware and a screen can be installed for cooks to see incoming orders and improve management.

Another advantage of QR technology is that waiting times are reduced, since customers can consult the digital menus before sitting down at the table, which speeds up the process. It also helps build customer loyalty and can even promote higher billing, since through these codes it is possible to provide suggestions, extras and discounts to the customer as they choose the dishes.

All of these tools are easy to set up and can be up and running in minutes. Square’s range of devices adapts to restaurants of any type

A platform with multiple functions

But software Square POS for Hospitality enables much more. For example, update menus in real time or repeat orders, view and manage orders (in person, online or by phone) from one place and track business performance with comprehensive reports. All of this, in turn, has an impact on employee productivity.

For its part, the digital kitchen ordering system (KDS) sends notifications and helps set timers to serve all orders on time. From this application, it is possible to control all the dishes from a single place, regardless of where they have been introduced, and send them to specific areas.

All of these tools are very easy to configure, and in a matter of a few minutes you can start using them. In fact, Square’s range of devices suit restaurants of any kind, and thousands of these businesses around the world have already proven their worth. There are three price plans: one free, which covers the basic day-to-day service; the Plus plan, for more complex needs, and the Premium plan. These last two include a 30-day free trial.

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