The Google WiFi application will be officially closed in June 2021

It’s not really news to Google WiFi users that the app they have previously been using to manage their network is being discontinued soon. But now Google wants to remind you that the end is near as the Google Wifi app will be deprecated in June 2021 and users must switch to the Google Home app in order to configure and manage the mesh network. While the functionality of the Google Home app was not as good as the Wifi app, they have now managed to make it more useful and convenient.

In 2019, when Google launched the Nest Wifi system, it was set up through the Google Home app instead of the Google Wifi app previously used by Google Wifi users. But at the time, it was still pretty basic and only had some of the features that the multi-node wifi system supported. If you needed to do something more complex, you would still have to go to the Google Wifi app.

Now Google has enough confidence in the functions of Google Home. When you migrate to the new app, they say you’ll get improved video conferencing on Google Meet and even Zoom, better insights about your network, and support for the Google Assistant to monitor your WiFi connections, such as pausing them or running speed tests. Google Home is already the place where you can set up and control your devices like smart speakers, Android TV, etc.

As of May 25, 2021, Google Wifi users will only be able to add new devices, modify, expand or create networks through the Google Home application and no longer through the Google Wifi application. You can still use the latter to view the status of your WiFi network and the devices connected to it. But by June 2021, the app will no longer be in the app stores and support will stop as well. Users will be prompted to fully migrate to the Google Home app.

Migration is easy. Go to the Google Home app., touch the plus icon and then touch Import Google Wifi network. Then you need to choose a home, confirm your WiFi network, and then follow the instructions below. Users who have administrator privileges on Google Wifi will not be transferred, so they must be added to the House members of the Google Home application.

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