Home Technology News The clubhouse is now open to all, no longer just for guests

The clubhouse is now open to all, no longer just for guests

Clubhouse Opening Day

Clubhouse Opening Day

The clubhouse was first introduced last year, just in time when the pandemic forced millions of people around the world to stay home and live socially estranged lives. We have seen that the social network receives updates and gets competitors like Spaces by Twitter. We also hear something similar from Facebook, as well as Reddit Talk. In May, Clubhouse began beta testing for Android. Clubhouse finally made it to Android, but it was still in beta. The app expanded to more countries as it was prepared for the general public.

What started as a prototype grew into a small community. And that pool of beta testers is bigger now. The social media program is also now out of beta. Anyone can join in on the fun. It is not necessary to have a waiting list.

If you are in the Clubhouse and have started a club, now you can publish your link and share it with more people. Anyone can attend an event and join the club. It doesn’t matter if a person has Android or iOS. Anyone is welcome to the Clubhouse.

The invitation system certainly helped grow the community. New members were added in waves due to the system. But today, the Clubhouse is open to everyone around the world. If you want to have meaningful conversations even with strangers, check out the rooms at the Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse team It also grew last year, from 8 to 58. The number of rooms is now half a million out of 50,000. The community now has ten million members. Average usage time is now one hour.

The clubhouse will continue to grow, especially now that it is open. The competition will be stronger as the large networks have started to push their own.