The Area 120 stack of applications will make sense of your scanned documents

There are many mobile scanning apps out there, but once you finish scanning a receipt, invoice, or any document, you still have to do all the editing and organizing. The folks at Area 120, Google’s experimental digital playground, thought of an easier way to make scanning and storing documents a breeze. Stack is the new app they came up with and it is branded as a PDF scanner and document organizer. And of course artificial intelligence plays an important role here.

The basic function of Stack is to scan a document that you want to scan. It also cuts and sharpens it accordingly, which is good news for those who are too lazy or busy to do it manually. The app will also give it a name and then using contextual image recognition it will categorize it accordingly and classify it in the folder or stack it thinks it belongs to. Some of the things we see in the screenshot include Vehicles, Banking, IDs, Receipts, House, Bills, and a pile of stars, which are probably favorites.

You can also create your own stack if this is something you want to do manually. And of course, since this is Google, search is a big part of the app. If there is something you are looking for in particular, the application will be able to scan the content of each PDF file. But more importantly, you’ll be able to proactively detect things like the due date and the total amount owed and identify them as important details.

And since we may be dealing with sensitive information here, Stack, of course, uses advanced security and Google login technology to protect your documents. You can also request a scan of your face or fingerprint when you open the app to add an extra layer of security. You can also set the app to automatically save a copy of your documents to Google Drive so that you can access them even if you stop using Stack.

Stack is now available for free on the Google Play Store. For now, it appears to be limited to US residents only, but we hope they will make it available to other countries as well.

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