Telegram will add video conferencing function soon

Telegram has become even more popular now as the entire WhatsApp privacy policy has brought a lot of new users to the messaging app. And it also helps that they keep adding new features every two weeks or so. Now if you’re looking for an alternative to Zoom, Google Meet, and the usual video conferencing apps you have, it looks like Telegram will be adding one soon. It’s basically your existing voice chat feature, but with a video option.

Telegram’s own CEO, Pavel Durov made the announcement about the upcoming feature, saying there will be a video dimension for voice chats soon. This will make the app not just a messaging app, but also a platform for group video calling. Some of the things you can expect from the feature include screen sharing, noise cancellation (so there are no barking dogs or crying children in the background), desktop and tablet support, and of course the most important encryption.

According to the XDA developers, this is a clubhouse-like feature but of course with the video option. This means that only a few people will be set up as speakers and the rest will only be able to listen. You will only be able to speak when your administrator or host gives you permission to do so. We do not know any other details about the video conferencing feature, but Durov promised that we will get Telegram’s user interface and speed as well.

Many people who are video conferencing right now still use Zoom by default. Google has also been pushing its Google Meet video calling app. And there are many other options available. With the advent of audio chat apps and features like Clubhouse, Twitter spaces, Facebook live audio rooms, Telegram voice chat is also gaining ground. And now that you will soon have a video or version option, it will be interesting to see how you can compete with the big boys.

Durov says this “video dimension for our voice chats” will arrive in May. So you can probably look forward to this in your next major feature release, which is always something to look forward to.

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