Telegram update brings Payments 2.0, scheduled voice chats

Telegram users are always looking forward to feature drops and this month’s latest update is no different. They are bringing version 2 of payment support to make it easier for merchants to accept payments on their accounts. Groups and channels can now also schedule voice conversations so members can prepare ahead of time. There are also two new web versions available for desktop computers and mobile devices. In addition, there are many other things like Mini Profiles for Voice Chats, Direct Download for Android, pinch to zoom photos and videos, and new Android animations.

Previously, Telegram already supported payments, but only through bots. Now Payment 2.0 will allow merchants to natively accept credit card payments through third-party providers like Stripe. Buyers can even tip directly to the merchant and payments can be made through the app and desktop via chat. There are no additional fees as Telegram does not accept commissions or store payment information.

Voice chats are becoming the rage right now on social media and messaging platforms. In Telegram, groups and channels can have voice conversations with their followers and now administrators will be able to schedule them in advance. Instead of creating the chat right away, you can now set the specific date and time so everyone can get ready. You will see a countdown for the scheduled chat at the top and you can also choose to be notified once it starts.

If you want to learn more about the person you are chatting with, there are now mini profiles for voice chats so you don’t have to leave the chat window. There are also two new full-featured web apps for Telegram to add to the original one released in 2014. They have things like animated stickers, dark mode, chat folders, and other features that you enjoy on the mobile app. You don’t have to install anything and they are independent.

Other new features for this latest update includes an improved video player that makes it easier for you to search for videos, pinch-to-zoom photos and videos from the chat window itself, and new Android animations. Oh, and now you can also download Telegram for Android directly from their website

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