Telegram now allows direct download outside the Play Store

Direct download of Telegram outside of Google Play Store

Telegram is regularly updated, although we know that it is sometimes questioned. We believe it is safe and remains private, but there are still restrictions. Just a couple of weeks ago, Telegram updated the Voice Chats and they were made available on the channels. It also recently added automatic deletion to all chats, home screen widgets, and invite links. At the beginning of the year, the application surprised the market, as it gained 25 million new users in 72 hours of three days.

The last we hear about the popular messaging app is that the direct download is now ready. This means that you can download the application outside of the Play Store and be able to install it directly on the device.

The Newer version it has some advantages. It will offer automatic updates and fewer restrictions. It is a slightly different version that is intended to be less restricted by Google. Apparently Google is blocking some channels on Telegram. There is no confirmation, but that’s what some redditors are saying.

If you have seen this message before, then you know what we are saying: “Unfortunately, this channel cannot be displayed in Telegram applications downloaded from the Google Play Store.”

It is not a bad thing to block channels. Google still has the right, especially when it comes to radical or hate groups. This may be restricted, but people say that it’s not Google’s job to offer the restrictions. Telegram is supposed to decide on that.

Telegram is popular for its privacy. The rumored restrictions It may not be good for many people and even Telegram. Check HERE to find out how you can install the Telegram .APK directly from the website.

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