Telecom company may charge you for international calling on video calling app including zoom

You need to be careful if you are using a video calling app, including Zoom or Microsoft Team. The fun of video calling can be a punishment for your pocket. It is said that telecom companies are now preparing to charge for international video calling through the app. However, the toll-free number does not have to be charged. These telecom companies are issuing alerts through SMS.

Alerted customers following TRAI directives
TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) said companies tell their customers that they will also have to pay for international video calling through the app. The companies then alerted the customers by sending SMS. Some customers have complained to TRAI and telecom companies about the bill amount for more than a few months.

There is a charge for video calling from a mobile
According to a telecom executive, customers will have to pay for mobile international video calling, not laptops or desktops. Most users are not aware that they are making international video calling through a cellular network so an ISD charge is levied.

The trend of video calling increased due to work from home
Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Video calling in India has increased by half. Meanwhile, several new video calling apps have also been launched. Reliance Jio has also launched its own video conferencing app Jio Meet to cater to the demands of the customers.

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