Tasker update adds sleep tracking and other notable features

Calling all Tasker fans, here’s probably a new update you’ve been waiting for. Now in the process of making your phones smarter with automated routines, Tasker lets you automate your smartphone for sleep tracking. Leveraging Android’s own Sleep API, Tasker will allow device automation based on when it thinks it fell asleep.

It was in February that Tasker first introduced sleep tracking automation in the beta version of its new update, v5.12. The feature has been designed to save battery life and easily track users’ sleep using the app.

After months of testing, the feature is now rolling out to the stable version in Tasker 5.12. The update has started rolling out to users via the Play Store, although users have the option to download it from other locations if they cannot wait for the update to appear on the Play Store.

The feature can reportedly allow users to easily monitor sleep via the phone’s light and motion sensor inputs, so the device can automate tracking when the phone thinks you’re asleep. What this means is that the phone understands what is what and only enters sleep mode when it is certain that it has fallen asleep.

In addition to the sleep tracking feature, the new Tasker update also highlights other features, such as the Favorite Actions menu, which allows you to easily add favorite actions with a single tap. The full changelog It shows all other inclusions, but the highlight is that the new update will add external storage support on all devices running the new Android 11 operating system.

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