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T-Mobile to shut down LTE network by next year, here’s when exactly

Sprint LTE network

Sprint Lte Network

T-Mobile’s acquisition of Sprint is a done deal. We are keeping up to date as many changes are being made. Last year, we noted that more than a dozen devices would not work with the network by January 2021. As T-Mobile continues to grow, some Sprint subscribers could be affected. By next year, T-Mobile will officially shut down the Sprint LTE network. By June 30, 2022, T-Mobile will shut down the 3G CDMA network. This is a later date compared to earlier reports that it will be closed on January 1, 2022.

The move happened because Dish Network asked T-Mobile to maintain the network for a while. T-Mobile previously denied the request. T-Mobile is still working on plans to integrate Sprint after its acquisition.

T-Mobile is using Sprint’s tower and spectrum assets to build a 5G network. It is also now working to attract Sprint customers. About 33% of Sprint customers are now on the T-Mobile network.

T Mobile noted: “Moving customers who use legacy networks to modern and advanced broadband networks means they will need phones and devices that can take advantage of the latest technology and not depend on the old ones. We will make sure to support our customers and partners throughout the transition. We started sending out notifications at the end of last year, and anyone who needs to take action will be notified and updated directly from T-Mobile.

T-Mobile is not yet shutting down the 2G network. The old GSM 2G and UMTS 3G networks will soon be phased out.