T-Mobile SyncUP TRACKER is another smart tracker

T - Mobile SyncUP TRACKER Specifications

It seems like smart trackers are really a must these days. We have seen some useful ones like Apple AirTags, Samsung Galaxy SmartTags and Tile trackers. OPPO is rumored to be working on Oppo Smart Tag. This time around, T-Mobile is getting into the game by introducing SyncUp Tracker. It is another smart tracker that helps you find things that are frequently lost, such as your remote control, bag, or even your bike. SyncUP TRACKER isn’t really exclusive to T-Mobile users, but it uses the carrier’s national LTE network.

The little smart device works with a compatible SyncUP TRACKER app. It works with both Android and iOS. The tracker will be available in the market on Friday, May 7. You can buy directly from the T-Mobile store.

The price is only $ 2.50 / month for each tracker, but the retail price is $ 60. It should come with a $ 5 / month partner data plan. You can pay with the team’s Installment Plan or with Auto Pay.

The T-Mobile SyncUP TRACKING offers location tracking. You can get real-time location information or last known location. You can set virtual boundaries or geofences so that you are notified when an element leaves the selected area. When an object is missing, you can easily locate it as long as it is within the network.

The tracker also features a 900 mAh rechargeable battery, is IP67 water and dust resistant, and has a light sensor to detect changes in the environment. It knows if it is inside a backpack or outside the locker. You can also set up customizable profiles so you can easily identify your stuff and set how often a location is pinged back.

Matt Staneff, Chief Marketing Officer, T-Mobile saying: “SyncUP TRACKER brings peace of mind to customers’ most prized possessions and valuables, which is why we are supporting the power of our network. From families to cars to modern day things, the T-Mobile network connects just about anything, because it has the power and reliability that customers can trust. “

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