T-Mobile Magenta MAX plan introduced with no limitations ever

T-Mobile Magenta MAX

T-Mobile has a lot in store for regular subscribers. The company may also be able to attract new customers as it launches a new unlimited plan. This follows last year’s T-Mobile offer of one year of free Quibi service for Magenta customers. T-Mobile wants to up the ante even further with unlimited offers that don’t offer any limits on 4G or 5G data. So this can be a great deal because most of the time, unlimited doesn’t really mean unlimited. There are still restrictions.

But for T-Mobile, their goal is to deliver on its true unlimited promise, especially with the Magenta MAX. This plan offers the following: unlimited voice, unlimited messaging, and unlimited premium data (4G and 5G). T-Mobile said its speed won’t slow down or speed up at all.

If those offers aren’t enough, T-Mobile is also adding 40GB of mobile hotspot. After 4GB, you can still take advantage of unlimited 3G speed tethering.

the T-Mobile Magenta MAX it also contains Netflix on us, Unlimited Ultra HD 4K video streaming and unlimited Gogo in-flight wifi and texting. For those who always travel to Canada or Mexico, they can use unlimited talk, text and data and up to 5GB of high speed data. The plan also includes free data and text messages in 210 countries and destinations.

Those are just for the new ones Magenta MAX Plan. The old T-Mobile Magenta plan is getting upgraded with 100GB of 50GB data. Other additions include high-speed mobile hotspot data from 3GB to 5GB. The prices are as follows: $ 40 / line for three lines and $ 70 / line per month with automatic payment. You can register from tomorrow, February 24.

For Magenta MAX users, a maximum of three lines with automatic pay with taxes and fees is $ 57 per line per month. For a limited time, it will be on sale for $ 47 per line per month. One line costs $ 85 a month. Two lines will cost you $ 70 per month for each line.

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