T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Service, Free 5G Phone Sharing Announced

T-Mobile Home Internet

Today, when most people around the world are encouraged to stay home, one of the most essential things to have is the Internet connection. It doesn’t always have to be fast. It must also be reliable. This is not always the case in some parts of the world, but in the United States, you can enjoy fast mobile data even at home. 5G is the future of many industries and companies. It is best for games and Internet of things.

T-Mobile just announced 5G home internet service. It’s basically mobile data that you can use for home. It promises to compete with current speeds delivered by DSL or cable Internet at just $ 60.

So what is the promised speed? Approximately 100 Mbps for new customers. All you need is a 4G / 5G modem and a WiFi router from the provider – the T-Mobile Home Internet Gateway. We’ve seen this before when T-Mobile Home Office Internet was introduced. It is a cylindrical device that comes equipped with a home phone port, two Ethernet ports, and support for dual-band WiFi 6.

Basically, the device works with 5G networks. It also connects to 4G LTE networks which may be slower but definitely more consistent. It is recommended if you want more reliability. For added convenience, it can also work with mesh nets.

The device comes with an LCD touch screen on top. Displays information such as network strength and the number of devices currently connected. The minimum speed is 50 Mbps (download) but can reach more than 100 Mbps. The $ 60 is per month with AutoPay. No need to pay for equipment or annual service. T-Mobile does not require you to be a current subscriber, so you can sign up for 5G home internet service.

T-Mobile has also announced a free 5G phone upgrade with the ‘Great Unlimited Trade-Up’ program. Feel free to switch to the unlimited plan offered by T-Mobile. The price will be the same as you are already paying on other networks.

You can change your non-5G phone to get a Samsung Galaxy A32 5G. It’s a mid-range 5G that was also recently announced by the South Korean tech giant. Other T-Mobile customers can take advantage of this offer as well, especially those who don’t have 5G phones yet.

T-Mobile will offer 24 monthly bill credits in lieu of a full value credit. It’s “free” in that sense, so you still need to have a plan. It will begin on April 18 and will continue for the rest of the year.

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