Spotify increases prices for Family, Duo and Student plans

Bad news for Spotify users on Family, Duo, and Student plans. It looks like you’ll have to add a bit more to your budget, as the music streaming giant is set to make an announcement that will slightly increase the prices of these subscriptions. The price change will initially affect those in the US, UK and Europe, but is expected to affect other regions over time as well. This is not a major price increase, but it is always expected that consumers will not react favorably to any type of price change.

While we don’t have an official announcement from Spotify yet, the news is that the price changes will go into effect this Friday, April 30. Subscribers to the family plan will now have to pay around $ 15.99 from the previous price of $ 14.99 per month. If you are in the UK, the price change is from £ 14.99 to £ 16.99, while in Europe it will be from € 14.99 to € 17.99. For those on the Duo or Student Spotify plan in Europe and the UK, there will also be an increase of € 1 or £ 1, respectively.

If you are still on a free trial, your first invoice will reflect the lower price and then the following month, you will already be billed at the new price. This will only be for those who are subscribed to any of the plans that will have a price change. This may not be a huge increase for consumers, although of course a dollar more is a dollar less for your wallet. But for the bottom line of Spotify, this is possibly going to have a big impact.

We are also expected to see Spotify’s “mini player” built into Facebook, or at least the beta or trial version of this, in the coming days. It will allow Facebook users to listen to their shared tracks on their feed without having to exit the app or switch to the main Spotify app. This is part of Facebook’s push to get more audio content and Spotify’s goal of showing up more on social media.

We will probably get more details when Spotify does its next earnings report with investors that is scheduled for Wednesday, April 28. No other big news is expected to come out of this report, other than these reported price changes, but who knows if we get a surprise or two.

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