Spotify gives your library a makeover with new features and layouts

While it’s easy enough to search for music and podcasts and immediately upload them to Spotify, some parts of the app don’t work as intuitively. The Your Library section is where you are supposed to keep all the content you love, but it’s pretty sparse. The streaming giant is now giving you something of a makeover so you get “a more streamlined way to easily browse your collection and find your saved music and podcasts faster.”

Your Spotify mobile app will soon have an updated design, as well as new features to make it easier for you to find or rediscover the music or podcasts you want to listen to over and over again. The redesign has simplified your library so you can “browse and search your entire collection” in one place. Sorting options have now also been improved as you can view your list alphabetically, by recently played, or by creator.

There are also more dynamic filters that can help you search or explore your collection. You can choose from album, artist, playlist, or podcast to browse your audio collection. You can also tap the Downloaded filter to show you all the content you have that can be played offline. But of course that filter will only work for Premium subscribers as free users cannot save content for offline listening.

With the new Your Library, you can also choose up to four playlists, albums, or podcast shows to “pin” so you can instantly access them when you need to listen to them again. Just swipe right over the items and you can see the “pin” option. Now you can also switch to a grid view when searching your content that you like if you prefer to be more visual. You will see an album cover, a playlist, and a large tiled podcast.

These updates will be implemented to Spotify mobile device users in the coming week. Last month Spotify added features to the home page, so this time it’s Your Library’s turn.

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