Home Technology News Sony’s wireless neckband speaker lets you take the speaker with you

Sony’s wireless neckband speaker lets you take the speaker with you

Sony's wireless neckband speaker lets you take the speaker with you

Sony'S Wireless Neckband Speaker Lets You Take The Speaker With You - Light Home News

There are already plenty of Bluetooth speakers of all shapes and sizes, but a new one from Sony is probably the first of its kind. Sony announced its newest speaker, the SRS-NB10, known as the wireless neckband speaker. From the name itself, you are assuming it is a real speaker that you can wear around your neck and you are not mistaken. You’ll be able to take the wireless speaker with you wherever you go as it actually wraps around the back of your neck and rests on your shoulders.

The fact that many people continue to work from home is probably the inspiration behind this unique speaker. It’s probably okay to go around the house with a speaker that plays music or podcasts, or use it to take calls. At the very least, it is only your family members or housemates who will annoy you with your walking boom box and not your office colleagues. It’s still a weird, albeit unique, device, but if you need to move around and don’t want to use headphones then this will come in handy.

The SRS-NB10 is actually designed for “personal sound” rather than as a whole room Bluetooth speaker. The speakers are tilted upwards instead of outwards so that the user can use them for both calls and music / podcasts without disturbing others in the room. We usually have something called headphones / earphones / headphones for that, but okay, let’s see what these speakers can do. The battery can last up to 20 hours on a full charge,

For voice calls, it has something called “Precise Voice Capture Technology” that reduces echo when playing two Beamforming microphones. You can connect the speakers to two different devices so that one can be used to listen to music while you can switch to your phone or laptop when you receive a call. Sony can definitely say that there is nothing like this on the market, so let’s see if there will really be an interest in it.

The Sony Wireless Neckband Speaker it will be available in charcoal gray and white. It will be on the market in September and will cost you $ 149.99 if you are interested in wearing speakers around your neck.