Some Android apps crash randomly, try this quick fix

Android system Webview Android apps crashing

You’re probably like a lot of Samsung users right now, looking for ways to fix that error. Many Android users are reportedly experiencing apps suddenly crashing on their Samsung devices. There is no official report or acknowledgment from the Android team, but a Reddit thread is full of complaints from Samsung phone owners. Apps crash on your devices randomly multiple times. It’s not a good experience because that means they can’t use the phone properly with those random locks.

According to him subreddit, most of the affected units are the Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, Galaxy A70, Galaxy 50 and Galaxy J series. Some non-Samsung phone owners are also crashing, including those of OnePlus, Motorola phones and Pixel.

What applications fail? There is no specific type. Any app crashes randomly and repeatedly. As a solution, some users said that they uninstalled the Webview updates from the Android system. It is a special tool that allows the application to render a web page using Chrome without having to exit the application.

Redditor / u / WatfordHert suggested this solution. You can check it at Android Settings> Apps and Notifications> Android System Web View. App updates should only be disabled. Choose ‘Uninstall updates’.

The system will simply uninstall the updates. You cannot completely uninstall the web view from the Android system because it is important for the Android operating system to work. Most applications will not work without this part. Removing the updates may be sufficient. It will revert to the default version of Android System Webview.

Some users have already shared that this solution really works. However, the application may crash on some devices. If you still experience it, try restarting your smartphone.

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