SmartThings Labs Lets Samsung Users Try Experimental Features

If you’ve been using the SmartThings app to make your home a little “smarter,” you can now try some of the things Samsung is experimenting with. SmartThings Lab makes these experiments available to select users so that they can test them and give real-time feedback to engineers working on these functions. They currently have eight experiments that you can check out, but only if you are in the US and South Korea.

One of the things you can check out at SmartThings Labs is turning your device into a universal remote. You will be able to use it as a remote control to control devices like air conditioner, bed air purifier, tumble dryer, front door camera, TV, vacuum cleaner and other things that need a remote control to turn on and off. There is also TV Quick Control that allows you to add a TV remote control widget to your smartphone’s lock screen and notification panel.

Another experiment you can try is to use your smartphone as a Bluetooth keyboard for your TV and its accompanying apps. This is quite useful for those who have a hard time typing what they want to search for in their smart TV apps. You can also create virtual switches on your smartphone for your smart devices, making it easy to turn on and off some of your connected accessories at home.

Soft wake-up is a try-out feature that slowly turns on your smart lights so you don’t have to abruptly wake up in the morning and ruin your day. The “turn it off when I’m gone” experiment will turn off lights and other devices when it doesn’t detect any movement in your home. It will come in handy when you constantly forget to turn things off when leaving the house and a reminder to do so is no longer enough.

Of course, these experiments are not guaranteed to be released to the general public, but those that have a successful trial period will eventually be part of the SmartThings app. However, for now, only Android users in the US and South Korea will be able to use SmartThings Labs.

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