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Six free tech tricks to have a better summer | Technology

 Six free tech tricks to have a better summer |  Technology

A state-of-the-art mobile phone, new headphones or a TV that cuts the hiccups. Technology drives a whole generation crazy that does not hesitate to take out the credit card to show off the latest in their pocket. But do we really know how to take advantage of the full potential of the technology that surrounds us? It does not always have to be a device or, of course, paid. We have gathered six tricks available to anyone that simplify the day to day or the way of working.

What word is that? Dictionary at your fingertips

Let’s say you are reading an article on your computer or mobile phone and you come across a word that you don’t know or whose meaning you can’t understand. What to do in this case? The sensational news is that it is not necessary to resort to the paper dictionary or go crazy looking for the definition in Google: you can know the meaning of that word in a few steps and without having to leave the application. For those who use the Chrome browser on the PC or Mac, just download the free RAE dictionary extension and install it in the browser; Having done this, knowing the definition of a word is really simple.

Within Chrome, we must select the word in question and press the right mouse button and choose “RAE Dictionary” in the context menu; Next, a pop-up window will appear with the definition of the Royal Spanish Academy with the different meanings of the term. The Firefox browser has a similar extension, while users of Apple devices, only have to select the text from any application that allows it, and press the option Consult from the pop-up menu. In all cases and as noted, it is not necessary to exit the application.

How to get to talk to a human in a call-center

Drama at home: the internet has stopped working, casus belli in many homes and it is time to contact the operator’s telephone support. Calling a large company call center can be a real nightmare. These systems serve to conveniently filter the call to the operator, but paying the price of pulling a machine. Is it possible to dodge these robots and speak directly to a human? It is not an easy undertaking, but a trick carried out by the entrepreneur Pau García-Milá quickly became viral on Twitter, as it achieved to hack these systems. The trick is to block the bot in a very simple way: say an unintelligible word. García-Milá recognizes EL PAíS that he found this trick by doing “field work”, and after posting it on Twitter he was surprised to discover the impact it had.

We live in dangerous times due to phishing, smishing and other cyber scams that make the use of the internet present considerable risks. Hackers increasingly use cloaking techniques to access our data and disguise themselves as creditworthy companies in emails and SMS. Its objective is clear: to obtain access, banking or personal data through which to access the victim’s system and carry out the attack. How to know for sure if a link that we have received is free of risk?

When in doubt, prudence indicates that it is better not to click, but if curiosity can or we are forced to do so, it is highly recommended to verify its veracity in systems such as Virustotal. This website, now owned by Google, operates as a search engine in which the uploaded link is analyzed by various antivirus engines. It will be enough to copy the suspicious link (it also operates with attached documents) and after pressing ‘ok’, we will know if it is safe to open it or not. It should be remembered, in any case, that many spammers They use links that are not necessarily malicious, but that serve to know if our email is operational or not.

Has the black ink cartridge run out? No problem

Another moment of real crisis in our time at home occurs when we are forced to print a document and it happens, always at the worst moment, that the black cartridge has run out. If we do not have a replacement on hand, we can throw in the towel thinking that this document cannot be printed, but a big mistake: a trick to revive the printer from its ashes with a quite acceptable result.

The trick in question is to change the font color of the text to a very dark gray. This solution combines the inks of the color cartridge to something very close to black that will save us the ballot at any given moment. Depending on the model and brand of the printer, some carry out this color change automatically: simply remove the black ink cartridge and the printer will combine the colors until it is close to the darkest, a temporary solution that can save us in case of emergency.

How to prevent theft at home with a simple trick

At this point we do not need to remind you that robbers usually make their particular August precisely this month. Many of the homes remain empty for weeks and friends of others know how to detect when a house is empty or not. A simple trick can fool burglars by pretending that the house is occupied: a smart light bulb. Some light bulb models, such as Hue Philips or Tp link, among other brands, have a away mode or they can be programmed to do so, so that the bulbs light up randomly at different times of the day. In this way, from the street it seems that the home is occupied.

So you can reserve a table at your favorite restaurant

Summer fills tourist destinations with travelers and finding a table in a restaurant can be mission impossible. Luckily, with a simple trick we can avoid the queues and make a reservation, of course, in advance: using Google. The search engine has a function, timeouts, that not everyone knows and that can be of great help this vacation. Basically, it is about taking advantage of the algorithms of the system – which register with great precision the influx of people in a certain place based on the information of their mobiles – to choose the best time to reserve a table. Each business has its influx habits and it is possible, for example, that there is usually a table on Thursdays at 1 pm. Knowing this information, you can make a reservation in advance in the busiest places.

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