SideQuest app for Android lets you download Quest content with your phone

Already enjoying the SideQuest desktop app on your Windows, Mac, or Linux PC to download VR content for your Oculus Quest or Quest 2 VR device? More good news has arrived for Android users: SideQuest has released the official Android app for browsing content via Wi-Fi connection or USB OTG cable. This eliminates the need for a PC to install (via side download) all the content you need to explore on your VR headset. Whether it’s games like Gorilla Tag or Doom 3, the latest demos or apps like Virtual Computer are already booming in the SideQuest community.

To further its dominance as an unmoderated platform for Quest VR content, the SideQuest mobile app is good for both app creators and users. This move expands the possibilities of downloading content like Pokeman VR, which would not otherwise be available on the Oculus Store due to preservation requirements.

Developers prefer SideQuest over the official Oculus store, as the requirements for hosting the free projects are lenient with the unofficial option. This explains the large number of applications in the SideQuest store that allow you to explore the possibilities of your Quest VR headsets, first and second generation, to the fullest.

Developers also have the option to list paid projects in the store and link them to third-party stores such as Patreon or Itch. So another compelling reason to opt for SideQuest to earn some money.

For now, the SideQuest app is only available for Android users in the Play Store. Nothing is known about iOS compatibility for now or in the near future, although Apple users would like to have this option.

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