Samsung’s new foldable phones could have an in-screen blood pressure monitor

Samsung phones are not new to blood oxygen tracking and even heart rate monitoring. With the advent of smartwatches, functions were constantly changing to models like the Galaxy Watch 3, which has an ECG monitor and can measure blood pressure. However, Samsung is reportedly considering bringing blood pressure monitoring to its foldable phones with health sensors integrated under the display, much like the in-display fingerprint sensor.

According to a patent recently granted to Samsung, and as reported by LetsGoDigital, “Folding smartphones with an inward folding screen” would have a pair of image sensors built into the folding screen. The sensors will reportedly be placed at the bottom of the screen that will take image data from your finger.

According to the patent, this technology will be used in both shells and folding books, which means that the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold series devices can take advantage of the benefit. When the index finger is placed on one or both of the built-in sensors, the finger image data is collected. Then with the use of pulse wave analysis, also used in Galaxy Watch 3 for blood pressure monitoring, different health factors are measured.

The health parameters measured include blood pressure, arterial wall stiffness, vascular age, stress levels, and fatigue, to name a few. The interesting thing, why this patent involves a folding screen, is that when the finger is placed on the sensor, closing the screen allows them to better measure the pressure of the finger to generate the health metrics.

In addition to this method, Samsung could also be considering placing sensors on the outside of the device to measure health from the palm of the user’s hand. However, it will be interesting to see if this technology will see the light of day or will remain in the newspapers forever. Samsung has a fleet of foldable phones lined up for the latter part of the year, will any early reveal be seen on one of these devices? Let’s wait and watch.

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