Samsung will not offer chargers with its smartphone retail box from next year

  1. Samsung will not offer chargers with 2021 products
  2. Apple could also adopt a similar strategy
  3. Not providing a charger in the retail box will benefit both the company and the consumers by reducing the price of the phone

South Korean tech company Samsung is going to adopt a new policy from next year. According to Korean media ETNews, the company may now stop delivering chargers in retail boxes. It could start with the products of the year 2021. This will allow the company to sell the smartphone at a lower price.

Tech giant Apple will adopt a similar strategy. Apple will now stop offering 5 and 18-watt chargers with the iPhone, according to a report by Apple analyst Ming Shu Kuo. This will allow the company to sell the iPhone at a lower price and make more profit.

Both the company and the customer will benefit

  • If both Apple and Samsung tech giants cell phones without a charger in the retail box, it will benefit both the company, the consumer, and the environment. According to a report, most of the consumers prefer to buy the products of the tech company they have been associated with for years. When buying a new smartphone in a few months or years, the chargers of the old products are already lying at home. So as the amount of old product chargers increases, so does Everest, but if companies stop offering chargers, Everest will decline.
  • The decision not to provide a charger will also benefit the company in a number of ways. This will reduce the cost of retail boxes and chargers as well as keep the price of the phone low which may lead to higher sales of their products. At the same time, the company will benefit in another way that the company can generate revenue by selling its charger not in the retail box but in the market separately.
  • Consumers will also benefit as the company’s product cost is reduced due to the non-provision of chargers. It remains to be seen, however, when this decision will be implemented by Samsung and Apple.

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