Samsung will bring more apps to Windows 10, including Quick Share, Samsung Free

Samsung and Microsoft have been playing well for a few years as they have been working to make it work smoothly with their smartphones and computers respectively. The former will reportedly bring more apps to Windows 10 devices, including Quick Share, which works as the name implies, Samsung Free and its free programs, items, and games found in an app, and the seemingly mysterious Samsung. O. These upcoming new apps will join the exclusive benefits that devices enjoy with the MyPhone and DeX app on Windows for Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

Italian website Aggiornamenti Lumia shared that Windows 10 users can expect three Samsung apps to be available on their computers soon. The first and probably the most important of the applications to be shared is Samsung Quick Share. This will allow Galaxy devices to share images, videos and documents with Windows 10 laptops and computers. Sharing can be done via Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth or via the SmartThings platform. Samsung devices must be running on One UI 2 in order to use Quick Share.

Another app to look forward to is Samsung Free, which was previously called Samsung Daily. Windows 10 users will have free access to select Samsung TV Plus TV channels in the Watch section, while the Read section will have the latest headlines and news articles from various news sources. The Play section will bring free games from select developers. All these free things will be found in one place, hence the name Samsung Free.

The third application that will reach Microsoft users remains a mystery. The name Samsung O does not reveal anything, but it is speculated that it is a cloned application. As for what it will be and how it will be useful, it is not yet clear at this time. But reports say it will be available in the next few days, so we probably won’t have to wait anytime soon to find out what it is. It will probably be available to Samsung users as well, but again it depends on what it is.

Samsung Quick Share is reportedly available now for some Windows 10 users, while Samsung Free is also coming soon. You can check the Microsoft Store on your Windows 10 device to see if they might already be there.

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