Home Technology News Samsung TV Plus now streams on the web, other smart TVs

Samsung TV Plus now streams on the web, other smart TVs

Samsung TV Plus now streams on the web, other smart TVs

Samsung Tv Plus Now Streams On The Web, Other Smart Tvs - Light Home News

If you’re still looking for free and ad-supported video-on-demand streaming services to watch on your devices, non-Samsung users are finally getting another one. Samsung TV Plus is your previously exclusive streaming service available for smartphones and smart TVs manufactured by Samsung. It is now also available on the web and on other smart TVs. Samsung device owners can now also stream videos from the service to devices that support Google’s Chromecast technology. There was no major announcement, but this has been confirmed by a Samsung spokesperson.

Protocol reports that Samsung TV Plus has finally expanded its free streaming service to non-Samsung users. Now you will be able to watch videos of the service on your browser and even on other non-Samsung Smart TVs. You can also view it on a larger screen by streaming the video from your smartphone to any device that supports Chromecast. With this expansion, Samsung TV Plus now competes with other free streaming services like Pluto TV and Tubi.

While Samsung’s spokesperson has confirmed that they did indeed expand in the second quarter of this year, there is no public announcement yet and the marketing materials for the streaming service have yet to mention it. But you can actually access Samsung TV Plus already, at least if you’re in the US There are around 140 channels on the service, including ABC News Live, PBS Kids, ION Plus, Vice, Vevo channels, etc. to sign in with your Samsung account, so be prepared.

Samsung TV Plus launched in 2016, first as a transactional streaming service that eventually became an ad-supported one. This seems to be a popular model among cable cutters, as consumers sit around watching ads as long as they get content for free. Even some of the paid streaming services offer cheaper ad-supported services, so it seems like streaming advertising is alive and well.

Samsung TV Plus is now available in 23 countries, including India, Brazil, Mexico, and most of Europe. But for the web version and non-Samsung smart TVs, it seems to be limited to just the US for now.