Samsung SmartTag + now available in the US

There was a time when Tile was the top name when it came to trackers, but now the greats have come to play and compete in this space. Apple AirTag has been launched on the market and now the new Samsung SmartTag + is finally available in the US market. It’s a bit more expensive than the old SmartTag, as the old one only has a Bluetooth connection, while the new tracker has ultra-wideband and also has augmented reality tracking for compatible devices.

If you are not familiar with this new device yet, it is a diamond shaped tile that you can attach to any device you want to keep track of. It has a small hole so that you can attach it to a keychain or strap so that you can keep track of things like your keys, bags, wallet, laptop, etc. In addition to using Bluetooth LE to track the device, it also works with smartphones that support ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. This is the main difference between the original SmartTag and the new SmartTag +.

If UWB is used, you can also use AR’s finder feature so that you can actually see visual indicators that will tell you where your tracked object is. The SmartTag + can also sound a loud alarm if you want a more audible indicator of where the missing item is. If the item is too far away for the alarm, the tracker can still be located via a combination of Bluetooth LE and the SmartThings Find network. The latter is made up of Galaxy device owners who have chosen to use their device to help find the location of tracked items.

The SmartTag + also has other minor functions that users can configure in the SmartThings app. One of them is to use the tracker to control a light, so that when you press the button on the tile, the light turns on or off. But of course the controlled device will have to be connected to something with SmartThings support. But in any case, you will probably use the tracker to keep track of items.

The Samsung SmartTag + It is now available in the US through Samsung and Amazon. It comes in four different colors and costs $ 39.99 each.

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