Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 offers fast and hassle-free connectivity

Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500

As the leading mobile device OEM, many people forget that Samsung also offers smart accessories. We have seen the Samsung Smart Monitor last year. There is also the Samsung SmartTag which is helping many people find what they are missing. Of course, we will not forget the Samsung SmartSuit destined for the Winter Olympics either. For mobile gaming, there is the new Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 that helps consumers multitask and be “efficient with every move.” With Samsung Galaxy phones with Samsung DeX, you can easily use the phone as a temporary computer for work or school.

You need a physical keyboard to type faster, but you don’t need a full keyboard. The Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 it is enough as it is light and thin. You can easily put it inside your bag. If you like multitasking, this is for you.

What described, the Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 can be seamlessly connected to various devices. It connects via Bluetooth. Just turn on the accessory, press the Bluetooth key, and then search for available devices nearby. Click “connect” when you see the keyboard on your device screen and then enter the given 6-digit code.

The smart keyboard can be connected to up to three devices. You can even easily switch between them with the push of a button. It’s fast and easy to use. No need to pair repeatedly.

Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 Black

The Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 can also be customized. Select the top three apps you use and what you want to open instantly. The built-in keys are designed for those three applications. Use Samsung DeX, reply to emails, and just get done working with this keyboard and your phone.

Choose between the Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 white or black. It will be ready in May. There is no information on prices and exact availability yet, but we will inform you soon.

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