Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 to replace the Galaxy Z Flip 2

Conceptual image of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Aside from the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung is also expected to launch the Galaxy Z Flip 3 foldable phone. Instead of the Galaxy Z Flip 2, the South Korean tech giant is calling it ‘3’. It will still come with the same shell form factor but with an improved design, specs, and features. The original Galaxy Z Flip was introduced in early 2020, so a follow-up is now expected. But then it is believed that Samsung will reveal it in the second half of the year.

The two foldable phones from Samsung can be featured at the same time. An arrival is expected in July, which predates last year’s August announcement. We can expect another virtual event from Galaxy Unpacked still there is the ongoing pandemic.

Then there will be no Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2, only Galaxy Z Flip3. We assume that the company also wants to avoid confusion. And hey, technically, the Galaxy Z Flip 2 was the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G that launched in China. It has the same design but with a more powerful processor that can support 5G connectivity.

So far, we know that the Samsung Z Flip 3 will go on sale later this year in spring. It was not revealed with the Galaxy S21.

The foldable foldable smartphone may come with a larger screen, a narrower bezel, and a 120Hz display. It can also be “downgraded” to an inexpensive device. Other features and enhancements may include a revamped hinge, a larger deck display, a third camera, reduced bezels, and an under-panel camera. S-Pen compatibility is also possible. Color options will be Purple, Green, Beige, and Black.

It is not clear if Samsung will increase the battery capacity from 3300 mAh to something bigger. Last year’s battery was not enough, so now a better one should be used. Let’s wait and see.

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