Samsung Galaxy S8 series will no longer receive updates

Android Samsung Galaxy S8 Update No More

Our last mention of the Samsung Galaxy S8 was in May of last year, when most parts of the world are on lockdown due to the coronavirus. Well, we still live in a pandemic world. Things have gotten worse, but some nations have started to recover or are already living in the New Normal. The latest software update for the Galaxy S8 may be available soon. You don’t have Android 11 yet and it remains stuck on Android 10 coming from Android 9 Pie. It will definitely no longer be eligible for Android 12.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched in 2017. The phone is almost four years old, so we can consider it old. Of the regular monthly updates, Samsung said that the device would only receive quarterly updates.

Changes They are ahead, but maybe not in a good way. Unfortunately, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + will no longer receive updates. Following a related decision for the Galaxy S7 series, there will no longer be support for the Galaxy S8 phones.

For the past three to four years, Samsung has been faithful in releasing software and operating system updates. The leading mobile device original equipment manufacturer has done its job in backing the Galaxy S8. It is more than enough.

If you still own a Galaxy S8, don’t expect any major updates. As for the Galaxy S9, it will continue to receive quarterly updates until April 2022.

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