Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro software update adds a useful new feature

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro software update

The year started for Samsung showing off the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. The official announcement happened and their first software update was released a few days later. The couple also received a folding phone case treatment in South Korea. We even heard about that study saying that the Galaxy Buds Pro are useful for people with hearing loss. A special edition was also unveiled: the Adidas Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. The latest is another software update that brings new features and optimizations to the wireless earbuds.

Samsung’s truly wireless pair of headphones impresses with its compact design. It offers 360-degree audio, active noise cancellation, and a dual driver setup. The pair also comes with wireless charging, fast charging, and touch controls.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro they are supposed to be better than the more affordable Galaxy Buds +. However, the latter has an advantage over the Pro variant as it comes with the ‘Double Tap Earbud Edge’ feature. The Pro still doesn’t have it until this week as it’s ready with the software update.

The new Double Tap Earbud Edge feature allows mobile users to increase and decrease the volume by simply double tapping the edge of the earbuds. It’s a gesture that can be enabled by going to the Labs section of the Galaxy Wearable app.

This particular feature frees up the touch and hold gesture generally used for voice assistant activation on the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. Switch between launching the Spotify app or ANC or Ambient Sound modes. Other changes include ANC performance improvements and better accuracy of the voice detection function.

The file size is only over 2MB. Specifically, it is firmware version R190XXU0AUD5 and it is now available in South Korea. You can also update the Galaxy Buds Pro Plugin application to version 2.0.21042351. Other key markets should also receive the update in the coming days and weeks.

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