Ring Geofence allows you to set alerts in relation to the location of the device

Ring Geofence Ring Video Wired Doorbell

Ring has not finished improving its products and services. We believe that it will only continue to introduce new devices and improvements. The last one we mentioned here was the Ring Video Doorbell which was updated with Alexa Greetings and Motion Warnings. That was after the lower cost Ring Video Doorbell Wired was announced. Ring video doorbells and security cameras now have a new feature as Ring adds Geofence. Its purpose is to eliminate unnecessary alerts.

Geofence Ring it’s also meant to make home / away mode smarter than ever. The idea is a virtual boundary around the home. Allows the user to adjust any notification or alert they want to receive.

This feature will depend on the location of your device, specifically the smartphone. The alerts can then be automated. Set Auto-Sneeze if you don’t want to be alerted if you wake up the video camera or doorbell.

Ring Geofence Features

the Home mode a Far it can be changed automatically if you or your device is out of the limit. Geofence can do the work for you. This actually works best with People Only mode, which is part of Ring Protect subscription plans. This mode is to send an alert only when a person is detected. This way, you don’t have to get any unnecessary alerts when movement is detected.

Geofence Ring it will reduce the number of alerts you receive. Works on most Ring products, from Ring Video Doorbell to Ring Alarm and security cameras. To improve security and privacy, Ring said it does not backtrack movements. GPS location data is also not stored. The Geofence feature will simply track your location relative to the boundary that has been set. It will only send notifications and alerts to a set device.

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