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Realme MagDart Wireless Charger Leak, Realme Flash with MagDart Wallet

Realme MagDart Charging

Loading Realme Magdart

Last week we shared the Realme Flash with you. It is the first Android phone with magnetic wireless charging. It includes the MagDart which looks pretty much like Apple’s MagSafe wireless charger technology. New charging technology is set to make a difference for Realme phones. MagDart charging has been tested by XDA and we have some details about the new charging technology. MagDart by Realme has been seen on EUIPO. Renderings and demos have surfaced, including a load test video.

Realme MagDart will be supported by Realme Flash. In one video, we see the Realme Flash phone and the MagDart charger.

the Realme MagDart Charger is fast. It can charge from 18 to 26% in three minutes. It could mean that the phone’s battery can reach 100% in less than a minute.

The phone is not yet commercially available, but it may come with a two-cell battery. The charger would bring a power of 35 W to the device. The small wireless charger is powerful for its size with an output power of 50W.

Realme Flash with MagDart Wallet

Realme Flash With Magdart Wallet

Here is an exclusive rendering of the Realme MagDart Wallet by 91mobiles. It comes with a leather finish, a pocket for three cards and an aluminum holder. It can easily and magnetically attach to the Realme Flash smartphone.

The Realme MagDart wallet will be ready in white. Other color options can also be introduced. The leather finish tells us that Realme cares about quality.

Realme will make a a big announcement later. Expect to see Realme Flash, Realme MagDart Wallet, and Realme MagDart Charger. This will happen on August 3, 2021, Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. IST.