Questions Raised About Twitter’s Biggest Hacking, Company Clarifies

• Recently on Twitter, there has been a stir in the industry after the accounts of many big personalities around the world have been hacked and now Twitter has started investigating it.

Recently, accounts of former US President Barack Obama, Ken West, Kim Kadarshian West, Warren Buffett and Mike Bloomberg have been hacked on micro-blogging site Twitter, along with Alan Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Apple. After such a big hacking, questions have started to arise on Twitter’s privacy and security on social media. After this, Twitter has also started investigating this hacking. At the same time, in the report, Twitter has given information that the hacker had accessed the tool of an employee of the company for this hacking.

According to information provided by the news agency ANI, Twitter says that hackers used our own ‘Your Twitter Data’ to hack these eight accounts. Account information was downloaded through this tool. We are reaching out directly to the owner of any account because we know it is true. ‘

Apart from this, Twitter has clarified in the case of hacking that ‘We know that hackers have used only the tools available to our internal support team to target 130 Twitter accounts. For 45 of those accounts, hackers were able to reset passwords, login to accounts and send tweets. ‘

While clarifying on the bitcoin scam, the company has also admitted that the hackers targeted the company’s employees to hack these accounts. According to the report Twitter said that ‘we believe that hackers targeted some Twitter employees through social engineering scheme. They manipulated a small number of employees to access Twitter’s internal systems and tried to access Twitter’s internal systems through our two-factor protection. ‘

After this hacking, Twitter locked all the hacked accounts and information that the owner of the account can restore it. But the account will be restored only when it is satisfied with the original Twitter security. Apart from this, the company has also taken steps for large-scale limited access with its internal systems and tools.

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