PUBG Mobile India APK appears on the official website, here is everything we know about it

It was an exciting and emotional moment for Indian PUBG players when they saw the APK download links and Google PlaySTore on the official PUBG Mobile India website on Friday. The links did not work. However, there is much speculation that the developers were putting the final touches on the website. There has been no official news from PUBG Corporation yet on the official launch date of PUBG Mobile India. However, there is speculation that many things will become clear on the site’s official Facebook page when they are reportedly expected to hold a press conference on November 24. So far, the company has brought a lot of developments only to strengthen speculation of the launch that may occur soon.

– On Friday the PUBG Mobile India APK download link briefly appeared for some users for a few hours on the site. The website displayed two download options, the first of which led to an APK download link and the second to the Google Play store. The first link led to an earlier ad, while the second redirected users to the PUBG Mobile India Facebook page, according to reports. However, this sparked speculation that the official site is testing bandwidth ahead of PUBG Mobile India’s official launch.

– PUBG Mobile India has made changes in the hope that it will be a win-win situation. First of all, Krafton, the parent company of PUBG, which severed ties with Tencent, will store the data of Indian users locally. Krafton signed an agreement with Microsoft to store user data on Azure Cloud servers, some of which are installed in India. This would mean that Indian users’ data will be stored on these servers, which is in line with the government’s data location policy. Some users reportedly noticed that developers were transferring data from PUBG Mobile to PUBG Mobile India servers as users were greeted with an “account data migration” message.

– Pre-registration for PUBG Mobile India is now underway for select Android and iOS users on the Tap game sharing community. The listing says that the game will be available in English and Hindi. PUBG Mobile India pre-registrations have started and some teasers have been released.

– PUBG Mobile India will be in line with Indian sensibilities. The avatars will be fully clothed and a green liquid will replace the blood that will be displayed when an enemy is shot dead. Additionally, a time limit will be set on the game to counteract the addictive nature of the game.

– Reports have also pointed out that the new game which is PUBG Mobile India will be able to recognize and allow the use of the old IDs of the users who played PUBG Global. This would be convenient for users as they can get some kind of continuity in the game. This will also mean that in-game purchases made on the global version will carry over to the Indian version as well.

PUBG was banned in India in September due to its Chinese origin and Indian servers went offline in October.

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