Polestar 2 Gets Updated Digital Key System

For the new Polestar 2 electric car, the brand has launched a new digital key system with drivers’ smartphones used for authentication. The new car software is also being updated and will allow users to remotely precondition the car cabin by using the app. The app is still the same as that used for the original Polestar EV, but they are adding new things to the new car, including the app itself as the key to the electric fastback.

For Polestar 2 owners, all they have to do is walk to the car and it will unlock. Walk to the trunk and it will pop open too. And if you walk to the cargo door, it will also unlock. That is the basic expectation when it comes to the digital key system for the electric vehicle. Of course, the digital version of the key that is in the EV app is encrypted and uses an encrypted Bluetooth connection with the car.

The Polestar 2 has 18 Bluetooth sensors around it, and so when within arm’s reach of the vehicle, you can triangulate where you are in relation to the doors, trunk, or cargo door. So this means that you don’t need to touch the phone or hold it close to be able to open any part of the car that you need to open. But to start the car, the connected smartphone must be inside the cabin. The car uses a pressure sensor in the driver’s seat to start starting the car.

The updated Polestar app Now it also allows you to check your EV’s battery status, monitor the cabin HVAC so you can remotely cool or heat it in preparation for your trip, and also remotely lock your car. There will be more additional features soon according to Polestar, but for now, that’s what you can do. The infotainment system in the car can now display the battery discharge distance and the charging behavior of the cordless phone has also been improved.

The firmware update for the Polestar app also has the usual bug fixes and improvements. The OTA update has started rolling out to Polestar 2 EV and of course you need the latest version installed on your smartphone for all the new stuff to work.

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