Play Store now lets you share apps and updates with nearby phones

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Close sharing is a feature that many Android users have been crying out for. It’s out now and we can expect more related changes to be announced. We haven’t mentioned it since mid-2020, when close sharing disappeared from some devices. He then reappeared for a wider audience. That happened a few weeks after the feature was available in beta for some Android devices. We said non-Pixel phones would get close sharing too. It has come a long way from being called Fast Share to what it is now.

Google Play Store now lets you share apps and updates with nearby devices running Android or Chrome. This enhancement allows you to share between devices. There is no official announcement from Google, but the changes are available with version 24.0.

You can update Google Play Store to see if it works. This new functionality can be very useful. Launch the Play Store app, select the three-line menu you see in the top corner, choose ‘My apps and games’.

The page contains several tabs across the top. Choose ‘Share’ and you should be able to share apps and updates. You can “Send” or “Receive” a Google Play Store application from another device.

the characteristic it will be enabled only after an update. For it to work, you must also provide access to your location on the Play Store. This will allow Google, specifically the Play Store app, which devices are ready to share nearby.

How Google Play Store Sharing Works

Please note that not all Play Store apps can be sent and shared. There may be larger applications. Those paid or loaded sideways cannot be shared. Even those applications that are not publicly available cannot be shared.

The second device (nearby unit) has to accept or select the “Receive” button in the Play Store application. A pairing request will be displayed with a pairing code. It’s that easy. The transfer rate will depend on the connection.

If pairing and shipping is successful, the recipient must install the app. You can choose to install only one or install all applications. To finish the process, press “Disconnect”.

What’s the point of Nearby Share or this update on Google Play Store when you can download apps yourself? You can save data. It’s also a simple and easy way to show your friends what you’ve been playing or what apps you’ve recently enjoyed.

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